one of my superpowers is communicating and feeling a deep connection with nature

You are a superhero!

You were born with innate superpowers.  It’s part of your human Divine Design.

Life is a journey of discovering, activating, amplifying and sharing your gifts, or as I like to call them, superpowers.

Your superpower is unique to you, even if someone else has a similar superpower,  because you have your own flavor, your unique combination of traits that make you different from everyone else.

That’s why it’s so important to discover and embody your authentic self.  Only then can your superpowers truly and fully emerge.

Do you know what your superpowers are?

If you’re not sure, and want to discover them, begin with asking yourself these questions.

What are you really good at?

What comes naturally to you?

What do you love to do?

With which archetypes do you feel most resonant?

What effect do you have on people with out even trying?

Remember superpowers include but are definitely not limited to ‘job’ or ‘marketable’ skills, they can be anything — communicating with angels, fairies, trees or mountains, an ability to start a conversation with absolutely anyone, creating beautiful mandalas out of found objects – think outside the box.


Once you discover your authentic self and your superpowers you’ll be inspired to fully embody them, because that’s what you’re here for –

To be the full expression of YOU

Then you’ll notice, if you haven’t already, that you have a strong desire to be of service. Life isn’t fully fulfilling if you’re not using and sharing your gifts.

That’s part of the Divine Design too.  We are designed to share our gifts!

If you’re an amazing chef and there’s no one to enjoy the food, the cooking seems pointless.

If you’re an incredible performer and there’s no one to perform for, it’s not so satisfying.

If you’re a great writer and there’s no one to read your words, it’s not as rewarding.

You get the idea.

Plus, the more you share them, the stronger your powers become

You are a social mammal.  Like dolphins, wolves and chimpanzees, humans naturally live in tribes and clans.  We crave human connection.  We crave to be seen and appreciated.

Again, it’s part of our Divine Design.


Beloved by Autumn Skye

When you are really seen as your authentic self and acknowledged for your gifts it amplifies your superpowers and it feels amazing.

When you live from your Divine Design by joyfully sharing your gifts in service to something greater than yourself it’s deeply satisfying and creates more goodness for everyone!

Good for you, good for the world.

Win! Win! Win! – That’s Divine Design

That’s Yummy Living!

One of my superpowers is to see other people’s superpowers and empower them to activate, amplify and share them with the world.

You are here to fully embody your authentic super(s)hero self and contribute your special magic, your unique puzzle piece, to this game of life.

If you want to discover, activate, amplify and share your superpowers  I’d love to help you make it happen.

Schedule a discovery session with me here to see how we can work together and get you fully activated and SuperPowered.