I was recently blessed and honored to lead The White Blessing Procession at the Beloved Festival for the sixth consecutive year.

White Procession

The formula is so simple.

We just dress in white, add fairy magic (awesome face & body make up), open our hearts then walk around the festival silently blessing every one we pass with our loving presence.

The impact is palpable.  People light up and beam back at us, sometimes tears of joy flow.  You can literarily see ripple effects of the flow of love.

When we bless others we also bless ourselves 

WP V& jeffrey

Such a simple and powerful reminder.

The White Procession reminds us of what we are capable of as humans.

The trick is to take this beautiful experience and share it with people  in our everyday lives.

White Procession in the Bower

We can all use open hearted blessings in your lives, but life has a way of shutting us down.

Lots of everyday experiences like over stimulation, stress and anxiety cause us to put on our ‘Armor’ and close off – even if we don’t intend to.

This can become so habitual that we don’t even realize we’ve done it until we feel shut down, disconnected and dissatisfied.

If the ‘armor’ remains on too long or too tight it can become really hard to open back up.

That’s when you really start missing out on the deepest joys of life.

But don’t worry if this sounds like you or someone you know.

I’m here to help you open.

One of my favorite gifts to share is supporting people to open up and stay open.

Being ‘open or closed’ affects everything in your life —

Your relationship with yourself, your body, your friends, family, partner and kids. Your capacity for joy, fulfillment and  Yumminess.

If you’re not as open as you know you could be, how long do you want to live like that?

If you’re ready to open up and experience and enjoy life to it’s fullest and you’re ready to receive support in achieving this, contact me for a complementary Yummy Living Discovery Session.

White Procession all of us