light in the dark
During this holiday season, it’s fun to remember that even though they come from different traditions, Solstice, Hannukah, and Christmas are all about the same thing
~ the light in the darkness.
Where I live, this time of year, sunrise is at 7:56AM and sunset is at 4:22!  Knowing the days are becoming longer on Solstice is a very real thing celebrate.
Hannukah is also all about light in the darkness.  My family and I enjoyed the beautiful light from our fully lit menorah last night and remembered the story of the miracle associated with it.
Though there’s no evidence that Jesus was born on Dec 25, that’s when Christmas is celebrated because it was already a popular pagan celebration time.  So Solstice was transformed from the birth of the sun, to the birth of the Son — Jesus, the Light of the World, the birth of an enLightened being.
Either way it’s about light.
During this dark time of the year, I’m grateful for the unique Light that You are in this world.
When you shine your light, you show others the way and inspire them to shine brighter.
Take this moment to release any comparing, self-doubt or inner critic voice of not being good or worthy enough. Instead, see yourself mirrored in my eyes as being the truly brilliant being that you are.
I believe in you!  
I know you have a unique combination of gifts, that no one else in the world has.  And that you are here to create a wonderful life for yourself and to make the world a more wonderful place for everyone.
Soak this in and allow yourself to increase your feeling of gratitude for being the beautiful spirt that you are.
While you’re feeling loved and appreciated, why not set your intentions for next year? Why not imagine enjoying being surrounded by people who “get” you, imagine feeling joyful and fulfilled in your work, your body and your relationships. Imagine, in vivid detail, living the life you absolutely love!
That is truly something to celebrate.
Love & Light,
Veronica Fernmoss