This is a story of effortless manifestation & snake medicine.

A while back, a dear friend of mine asked me to ‘snake sit’ her royal (ball) python, Sequoia. Being a great lover of royal pythons and since ‘Snake’ was my first spirit/totem/power animal I enthusiastically said “Yes!”

It was wonderful having Sequoia in my life for several months.  Then the time came for her to return ‘home’.

As soon as Sequoia left, I said to the Universe

“I would love a snake of my very own!”

AND also, please meet these conditions:

* it has to be a royal python, because I love their gentle, cuddly (yes, snakes can be cuddly) disposition

* it has to feed on frozen/thawed mice (for convenience)

* it has to be gifted to me (I don’t want to go on Craig’s list and find one)

Once I ‘placed my order’ with the Universe I released it and trusted it would happen, even though I had no idea when or how.

Then last week, my birthday week, I got a message from Sequoia’s mom’s mom asking me if I wanted to adopt a royal python.  Does it feed on frozen/thawed mice I asked?  As soon as she said “Yes”  I knew my “snake order” had been filled.

vf with amaru

Not only was a gorgeous royal python gifted to me, his former mama also generously gave me a 40 gallon tank with all the snake accouterments!  To make things ever better she and I felt a lovely heart connection and the wonderful mutual benefit of the adoption.  Win/Win situations are the best!!!

So that’s how Amaru SheshaNaga Ulanji came into my life.  

As you probably know, spirit animals come with specific medicines.  Since snake is so prominent in my field right now, I want to share the very useful snake medicine with you.

click below to learn the every day benefits of snake medicine.

Amaru — snake in Quechua

SheshaNaga — King of the Nagas (snakes) in Sanscrit

Ulanji — Australian Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent


His former name is “V’ — interesting since some people call me V.
My teen boys call him Vurvl.