Part 1, Presence ~ 3 Secrets to Living a Yummy Life

Hello Beautiful Being,

Here’s Part 1, Presence of my 3 Secrets to Living a Yummy Life.

After you watch this video begin incorporating more presence into your life by practicing it.

How present can you be while walking, eating, washing your hands, having a conversation….. the list is endless.

Rather than having a bunch of thoughts running through your head while doing something, see if you can quiet your mind by focusing all your energy, attention and all your senses on just doing that one thing.

Pick any three activities or situations and commit to being fully present while doing them.
Does it feel different?

Let me know how it goes.

There’s a place for mind and mind knowledge. It is in the practical realm of day-day living. However, when it takes over all aspects of your life including your relationships with other human beings and with nature, it becomes a monstrous parasite that, unchecked may well end up killing all life on the planet, and finally itself by killing its host. You have had a glimpse of how the timeless can transform your perceptions, but an experience is not enough, no matter how beautiful and profound. What is needed, and what we are concerned with, is a permanent shift in consciousness. So break the old pattern of present moment denial, and present moment resistance. Make it your practice to withdraw attention from past and future whenever they are not needed.
~ Eckart Tolle