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November 22, 2015   1-4PM, The Salon, 115 Prefontaine Place South, Seattle, WA

Register now at:  http://oneloveawakening.com/One_Love_Awakening/Events.html ♥

As the days grow darker in the Northern Hemisphere your inner light is even more precious.

You are meant to shine your light. You know how good it feels. Loving, energized, inspired, grounded.

Your relationships thrive and you feel abundant. Mmmm. Yes!

But sometimes conditioning, stress, old patterns, wounds and countless other things shut you down and your light dims. And you know how that feels. Heavy, constricted, stuck, ugh.

Learning how to stay relaxed, open and connected is an essential life skill. It improves every aspect of your life and you’ll inspire others by your example.

To support you to stay relaxed and radiant especially during the dark months we are offering an upcoming live event in Seattle, WA.

In this workshop you’ll learn simple, powerful practices to feel
* relaxed and vibrant in your body
• peaceful and loving in your heart
• deeply connected to yourself and others

You will also learn how to
* release patterns that keep you stuck
* easily and instantly raise your vibration
* access inner wisdom and guidance to up-level every aspect of your life

With the days becoming darker and the holidays approaching (which can be challenging for some) this is the perfect time to learn and practice skills to strengthen and fortify your capacity to keep your vibration high and your light shining bright.

We are passionate about everyone having access to these essential life skills so we made the price affordable 🙂

$35 ($25 if you need a discount) before November 15
$40 after November 15

Our mission and passion is to share simple, practical tools that help you shine brightly and create the life your heart knows is possible. During our decades long journey as devotees on the path of love we have gathered and practiced many simple, highly effective tools for joyful living.