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Sunshine, birdsong, barefoot hiking and festivals!

I’ve been going to transformational festivals for over twenty years –
wow, it’s hard to believe that even as I write it!

For years I made the pilgrimage to Rainbow Gatherings and Burning Man, two of the largest and longest running transformational gatherings.  Many of you, and much of my wonderful global ‘chosen family’, I met at conscious festivals like Luminate in New Zealand, Envision in Costa Rica and/or Beloved in Cascadia.

.Envision 2014 v-hands in the air

In fact, my hubby and sons are at the Oregon Country Faire as I write!

A Brief Description of how Transformation Festivals Work from veronica fernmoss on Vimeo.

Way more than a big dance party, the gatherings I’m talking about are cutting edge culturally-creative conscious communities where authenticity, presence, unity, creative expression, embodiment, reverence for the earth and one another is actively cultivated and celebrated.
I feel blessed to be a part of this growing movement / social experiment.  It’s very healing to experience how awesome we humans are when we tap into our own wisdom and collaborate to create beauty, magic and joy together. If you’ve been to a transformational festival, you know what I’m talking about.
The movement is blossoming as more conscious festivals pop up every year.   Here’s a link to an on-line magazine devoted to transformational festivals  FESTIVAL FIRE
I’ve performed and taught at many festivals over the years.  What really makes my tail wag these days are the most innovative festivals that are taking festival culture to a next level.
Like everything, you get out of it, what you put into it.  If you go to a festival with the intention of expanding your capacity to be open, kind, thoughtful, generous and authentic you’re much more likely to have an amazingly growthful, even life changing, experience.  If you go mainly to party, you may enjoy it, but you probably won’t get as much goodness out of the experience.
The festivals I’m particularly excited about this summer are Cascadia and Imagine both of which are co-creating a holistically thrival culture – a model for how we truly want to live.
Check out the links.  Even better, experience the transformational magic first hand – join me in Cascadia and/or Imagine and be part of the magic.
Here’s to a magical, transformational summer.
Veronica Fernmoss
p.s. Whether you go to a transformational festival or not, growth is all about integrating your lessons into your everyday life.
p.p.s. That’s where I can help. If you’re ready to transform, to open, shine and embody your authentic power click here to schedule a complimentary consultation to explore how I can support you.