Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Neale Donald Walsh

I was recently invited to be a part of a troupe of incredibly talented dancers to perform a sacred dance piece. All the women in the troupe are professionally trained dancers and life-long performers.

Except me. I’ve taken maybe two traditional dance classes my entire life and felt like a klutz in both.

I’m good with improvisational dancing and acrobatics but the mere idea of performing choreographed dance ‘phrases’ makes my heart race and my palms sweaty.

But I was so honored and excited to work with this amazing group that despite my fight or flight reflex, I said ‘Yes!’

Even though I had recurring fears of looking like a goat amongst graceful gazelles I managed to remember– To expand beyond your comfort zone, you gotta get out of it.

OMG, am I glad I did. My insecurities still popped up.

“Am I going to remember what I’m supposed to do?”

“Am I going to be graceful enough?”

“Am I (dance) worthy to be performing with these women?”

But I managed to not let my fears sabotage me, just showed up and did my best. It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience from beginning to end. During the actual performance all my insecurities evaporated and I surrendered to the mutual blessing of giving and receiving – the magical energetic exchange between performer and audience.

In the process of learning and co-creating this dance piece I also remembered that everyone, and I mean even the most self confident and powerful person in the world, has insecurities and self-worth issues. They may be different issues, but everyone’s got ‘em.

It’s a collective wound that we carry as humans.

I truly believe that as we heal our own issues we help heal them for the collective.

I am so grateful that I was able to expand beyond my comfort zone, not worry about looking awkward or foolish, and receive the blessing of performing with this incredible group of women.

Expanding beyond your comfort zone and opening to new, yummy possibilities sounds simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.

Negative self talk and conscious and unconscious limiting thoughts can keep you stuck.

Have you ever tried to do something new but found yourself falling back to old patterns?  Have you struggled with negative self-talk and limiting beliefs?

If you’re ready to move beyond your comfort zone and would like support, I’m here to help. Schedule a Yummy Living Discovery Session to explore how you can grow with grace and confidence. Discovery Session