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Having a garden brings so many blessings — connection with the earth and elements, fresh, organic produce and an abundance of edible flowers!

For me, Yummy Living is about regularly clearing my Mind/Body/Spirit of what does not serve me and refining all the things that do serve me to be ever more, well, yummy.

Food in general is a huge topic.  Cleaning up what we put in our digestive tract is of enormous importance to supporting our overall well being.

For me, edible flowers take my already healthy meals to another level of yumminess.

 photo 2You are what you eat

Fresh edible flowers are exquisitely vibrant, beautiful and magical.

They remind me that if I am what I eat —

I am this vibrancy

I am this beauty

I am this magic.

Wow! They taste lovely and have nearly zero calories to boot.

That feels soooo yummy!

And of course when I feel yummy, when I AM YUMMY, it brings yumminess to every aspect of my life.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can grow edible flowers in pots on a balcony, deck or sunny windowsill. Nasturtiums, calendula and borage are easy to grow — they all volunteer in my garden.

Why not refine every aspect of life to be yummier?  Why not create more vibrancy, beauty, magic and yumminess in your/our world?

If you’re ready to create more beauty, magic and yumminess in every aspect of your life and you would like support, schedule a Yummy Living Discovery Session

Yummy Living Session

As the consciousness of human beings developed, flowers were most likely the first thing they came to value that had no utilitarian purpose for them, that is to say, was not linked in some way to survival. Humans feel such fascination for and affinity with flowers’ ethereal qualities. They have provided inspiration to countless artists, poets, and mystics.

– Eckhart Tolle