Can you go through life without a regular meditation practice?  Of course. Will you feel as centered, peaceful and present? Probably not.

Can you play an instrument without first tuning it? Sure. Will it sound as good as a tuned instrument? Unlikely.

Remember you ARE an instrument. You receive and transmit energetic vibrations every moment.

What vibrations do you want to receive and transmit more of? Peace, love, joy?

What vibrations do you want to let flow through without getting stuck in your body/mind? Anxiety, stress, depression?

The more you train your mind and body to relax, let go and become spacious and supple, the more you cultivate your natural state of loving awareness.

Being centered, compassionate and kind feels good to you and is a blessing to everyone in your life. Win/win!

The more goodness you cultivate within yourself, the more goodness naturally shows up in your life. Another win/win!!!

I just love win/wins!!! More goodness for everyone!

Yay!!! Happy dance!

Regular meditation is one of the best ways to tune your instrument by tuning into and cultivating your natural peaceful, centered, present state of being.

I know, I know.  It can be challenging to commit to a regular practice.

“I don’t have enough time.”

“Meditation is hard.”

“Meditation is so boring.”

“I’m not good at sitting still.”

The mind comes up with endless reasons why not to meditate.

And even though there are even more compelling reasons to do it, there’s still resistance.

We’re creatures of habit and there’s usually (more like always) resistance to changing things up, even when it’s for our benefit.  So we need all the help we can get!

That’s why I’m inspired to share this meditation app to support your meditation practice.

Click the image to go to the Insight Timer web page.





The Insight Timer is a FREE, easy to use app that helps you time your meditations plus offers tons of guided meditations, talks and mediation music.

There’s even a Learn How To Meditate in Seven Days course taught by the honey-voiced Sarah Blondin featured on the app now.

To be clear, I have no financial affiliation with this app. I just think it’s great and super useful and want to encourage you to try it out to jump start your meditation practice.


If you want to start meditating consider trying this….

Week 1

Get the free Insight Timer app and commit to doing the Learn How To Meditate in Seven Days course. It’s only 10-12 minutes per day.

Set aside the 10-12 minutes (same time every day can be very helpful) and set a daily timer to remind yourself to listen to the course.

Notice how you feel after each session.

Congratulate yourself when you finish the course.

Yay! Pat on the back!!!

Week 2

After you complete the course, commit to meditating for 5-15 minutes every day for another seven days.

Either sit quietly, following your breath (with our without ambient music) or listen to the guided meditation of your choice on Insight.

Set a daily timer to remind yourself to do your practice.

Notice how you feel after each session.

Celebrate two weeks of meditation!

Woo Hoo!!!

The app automatically tracks your consecutive days of meditation.

Be compassionate with yourself if you miss a day.  And pick it back up immediately!

Week 3

Commit to doing this for another seven days.

Rinse and repeat.

Before you know it, you’ve established your daily meditation practice.

You’re a RockStar!!!


After a while, it becomes like brushing your teeth, part of your regular daily hygiene that feels so good you wouldn’t want to skip it.


Let me know how your mediation practice is going.

Did you use the Insight Timer app?  What are your favorite meditations?

What challenges and successes did you experience?

Share the love!  Share this with someone you care about to encourage and support their meditation practice.

I genuinely hope you enjoy the benefits of your meditation practice and the Insight Timer app.


Here’s to each of us creating a more harmonious life and peaceful world.


peace & love,