Springtime in Cascadia is exquisite!

This time of year, the couple of acres I’ve tended for the last 15 years is particularly lush and beautiful.

It’s been a joy to co-create this fairy land and I’m inspired to share it with you.

Click the video to enjoy a tour of our magical garden.

I grew up on the East coast, moving nearly every year.  I always felt out of place in the suburbs and dreamed of living in the country. I longed to be surrounded by nature and live in one place for a long time.

This life long dream came true 15 years ago when my husband, Baruch and I moved with our then 3 and 6 year old sons to a little island in the Salish Sea.

Before finding our home, we spent years getting clarity, searching, visualizing, trusting and praying to find the right place.  Even though it took longer than we thought it would, we kept the vision strong in our hearts and continued to take action toward it.

Then one day, while checking out a potential place with our real estate agent, the ancient cedars, the elders of the land, spoke to us.  They clearly told us

“You are the stewards of this land.”

For real, we both really heard them, .  We couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign and we’ve been on this land ever since.

That life long dream to live in the same home surrounded by nature came true!

The house search process helped us hone our man/moonifestation skills, including mindset, visualization and inspired action, which we’ve used to realize lots of other visions over the years.

As an unexpected blessing, by stewarding one place for so many years, I’ve developed intimate, long-term relationships with the land, the plants, animals and the spirits of this place.  These more -than-human beings are my beloved friends/kin and master teachers.

During times of challenge and times of grace, it’s extremely comforting and gratifying to have a deep, life-long connection with the natural world.

The plant and land devas guide me how to tend the land, how to co-create a beautiful and thriving garden and how to grow and flourish as a person.

My prayer is that everyone who feels the call, has the opportunity to develop beautiful, healing relationships with the natural world ~ our very wise and loving more-than-human kin.

What dreams have come true for you?
What dreams do you still want to man/moonifest?

Do you have deep connections and personal friendships with the more than human world?  If not, would you like to?

If you’re inspired, reply to this email and share your dreams and nature connections. I’d love to hear from you.

If you would like support creating the life of your dreams and/or connecting more deeply with your nature allies reach out and connect with me.

If you haven’t watched the Fairy Land Video yet, I encourage you to watch it now.

Enjoy the Spring and the video!

Much love and many blessings,

~ Veronica Fernmoss

Gratitude to Kari Champoux for the photos!