I’m fresh back from a ‘dream come true’ travel adventure.

When I say ‘dream come true’ I mean it literally.

It was even better than a dream come true because it was actually a combination of two separate dreams coming true at the same time!

Don’t you just love it when Spirit surprises you with something that’s even more amazing than you ever imagined.

One dream was I wanted to have a fun mama/son bonding adventure with Isaac, my 19 year old son, during his gap year (between high school and college) going somewhere we would equally enjoy.

The other was a long-time dream of connecting with a beautiful, off the grid, conscious, permaculture community/retreat center.

I love being of service, so this part of the dream/vision included that the community would value and have a need for my particular skill set which includes holistic life coaching and teaching Tantra. In other words, sharing practices that help people feel clear, empowered and connected with them selves and cultivate healthy, loving connections within the entire community.

The Universe conspired to grant me the double dream package in one trip.

Isaac and I just spent two weeks living in a high-vibe, dialed-in, off-the-grid, permaculture retreat center with a focus on healthy, embodied, conscious, heart-centered community on Ometepe, a volcanic island in the middle of Nicaragua.

It was already a ideal fit, then a couple of days after I arrived, the InanItah community leaders invited me to lead a morning meditation, facilitate the upcoming cacao ceremony and teach a Tantra workshop.

WOW! Everything I had envisioned, both for the trip with Isaac and the completely separate dream of connecting with conscious community came true. Every little thing, and then some.

Even though my dream/visions were quite specific, the details were even more beautiful than I had imagined.

I feel as though I just won a cosmic lottery!

So many of the people we met there felt like instant old friends/soul family to both Isaac and me.

As I write this, even though I experienced it first hand, I’m still in awe of the amount of resonance, synchronicity and personal growth that we packed into the last couple of weeks.

That’s what it feels like when dreams come true.

Feeling so grateful for Isaac, my wonderful son and awesome travel buddy, all our beloved spirit family at InanItah, for this gorgeous planet we live on, and for Spirit for constantly blessing us with goodness.