It’s been an intensely full and amazingly beautiful few weeks.

My mom passed away on February 20th.

She was completely ready and transitioned with so much peace and grace that it was a blessing to behold.

She had no physical reason to die, but simply went to sleep one night and never woke up.

That was precisely what she had told me she wanted a few weeks earlier.

That was miracle #1.

Two days after she passed, I flew to Costa Rica to teach a Heart Opening Journey workshop and focalize the White Blessing Procession at Envision Festival.

Then mind blowing Miracle #2 happened….

watch the video below to hear the whole story

A Beautiful Death & Proof That We are Evolving & Time is Non-Linear from veronica fernmoss on Vimeo.

I met many of you at Envision last year and this year.  You know what an amazing and truly transformational festival it is.

Tropical paradise + Yoga + Music + Dance + Ceremonies + Conscious Community + Transformational workshops = Heaven on Earth

I’m so grateful and awestruck by the incredible expansion in my awareness and in my heart that I’ve experienced through to my mom’s passing and my experiences at Envision.

Individual and collective evolution is real

and quite astonishing when you see it happening before your eyes.

Do you want to accelerate your conscious evolution? I can show you how.

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