Attitude of Gratitude

It’s Thanksgiving week so naturally I’m focusing on giving thanks.

Gratitude is one a super tool for quickly uplifting your mood and creating a more fulfilling and joyful life.

That’s what we all want, right?  So why not use this powerful tool all the time by


living in gratitude everyday.


Feeling grateful is telling the Universe that you want more of what you’re grateful for.

It’s like when someone offers you a piece of pie, if you say

‘Thank you so much, that was delicious!’

you’re likely to hear

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Would you like more?”

If you don’t say anything you’re less likely to be offered a second piece. Right?

baby praying on beach - gratitude

A trick I use everyday is to have a few alarms set on my phone throughout the day labeled Gratitude & Love.  Yes, I really do this. When the alarm sounds, I stop what I’m doing and focus on feeling gratitude deep in my heart for something specific.

You can give thanks for something small like finding a good parking space or something big like recovering from an illness.

You can offer gratitude for something you’re experiencing right now or something you’ve experienced in the past.

You can also give thanks for things that may not normally come up on your gratitude radar.

This is the practice I lightheartedly call the

The Advanced Gratitude Academy

That’s when I give thanks, and I mean really feel it deep in my heart, for the challenges I’m facing.

It might be something relatively obvious like when you’re running around too much and you come down with a cold that ‘forces’ you to slow down. You realize that was your body’s way of restoring balance.

Plus, during your down time you get a bonus, like watching the training videos you’ve been meaning to watch for months, but haven’t been able to make time for.

Even when its something really painful and constricts my heart, argh.  If I can tune into the part of that challenge that I know is there for my growth and benefit it makes the challenge easier to deal with.

Even when I’m not even sure what the ‘payoff’ is going to be, I gotta trust the silver lining is there.

Deep belly breaths are very helpful here.

As my mythologist and author friend Michael Meade, reminds me

‘there’s always a gift in the wound’

Now, I’m not saying I’m grateful to experience illness or heart ache per se , but I am grateful for the balance and/or growth the experience provides.

Without challenge, and without the pain, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to expand my awareness, heal and release what ever needs healing and releasing and thereby transform, expand and grow into the fullest expression of who I am.

It’s our job to open enough to allow the gift to reveal itself.

sunset & birds arms up

Whew. It is not always easy, but it is essential to growth.

I am very grateful for the ongoing process of conscious expansion and growth!

I’m going through some big growing pains (ouch, deep breath, thank you) as I write these words, so I’m speaking from experience.

Gratitude, in other words focusing on the positive aspect of any situation, helps make a painful process tolerable and, once you realize the big picture lesson, worth while.

So here’s to the super charging your gratitude practice.

On Thanksgiving and everyday.