White Procession Paul's photoThis photo was taken at the annual White Blessing Procession at Beloved Festival that I’ve lead for six years

I am so grateful for the blessing of having so many amazing, beautiful, powerful, magical beings in my life – if you’re reading this you likely are or soon will be one of them!  I am here to share my love, light and magic and empower others to do the same, in service of creating a more beautiful, harmonious, joyful world for ourselves, all beings and generations to come.

My life wasn’t always this deliciously fulfilling.  I used to live a very conventional, conditioned life, so I know transformation is absolutely  possible.

I am so grateful to be the shining star of my own life and for sharing it with so many other bright stars.

Thank you for inspiring me and being inspired.

Shine On!

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VF White Procession