I have a dream of living in a world where each person loves them self fully, shares their gifts freely and joyfully and lives with purpose and delight. I have a dream that we live in a world where each of us has an abiding sense of our connection to a higher source that connects us all and to a higher collective purpose. We replace competition and judgment with acceptance and cooperation, collaboration and co-creation.

I know we are co-creating this world right now. As each of us, one by one, commits to living every moment with presence and an open heart.

We are learning to live in ‘Namaste’, remembering our own and each other’s divinity in every moment. Realizing that every person is a divine aspect of the One, Source, God (whatever word connects you to Spirit). Loving ourselves unconditionally and letting ourselves express the tremendous joy that is our Divine Essence. By allowing this love of self and joy to radiate outward we attract more goodness into our lives so that we have more goodness to share.

When we are truly present in the moment, we are open to love and goodness flowing into our lives. As we enjoy each moment and are receptive and conscious to the lessons, guidance and gentle joy of fully experiencing each moment our lives unfold with grace.

When we are authentic, letting down our guard, and allow ourselves to express ourselves open-heartedly, when we are really ourselves, we are able to make true, deep and fulfilling connections with others.

When we look deeply into one another’s eyes, seeing past the physical and touch one another’s spirits with our hearts, we can feel an instant trust and connection. We recognize our beloveds, our spirit family and form an instant bond of love.

When we hold each other in a loving, tender, trusting way, we melt into one another, feeling our hearts connect, allowing loving energy to flow freely from our bodies, our hearts, our spirits.  When we lovingly hold each other close, surrendering to the delicious physical and heart connection, we effortlessly share our healing and activating medicine with one another.

As each of us shines our light brightly we illuminate the entire world for ourselves and each other, gracefully co-creating the world we really want to live in.

If you resonate with this way of being and are ready to commit to living this way in every moment, I am here to offer support and tools.