Hello beautiful being,

I just returned from a deeply transformational gathering where we collectively remember and experience how humans are meant to live in profound harmony with the Earth and one another.  Talk about YUMMY!!!

We are really doing it.

We really are creating the New Earth!

new-pioneers mark henson

visionary art by mark henson

Everyone of us is a vital  ingredient to the magnificent “Great Work” of our time. The first and essential step to fully contribute to making the world a thriving, harmonious place for all beings is for each of us to evolve into the whole, thriving being we are meant to be.

When we individually move beyond our wounds and limiting conditioned patterns and cultivate a deeply nourishing relationship with our selves and with Nature we automatically discover our true essence. And that is precisely what the world needs — YOUR TRUE ESSENCE.

Only you can do that, but your not meant to do it alone.

There are many beings to support you on your journey. Including me!

Please watch this video to learn more.

Creating the New Earth Together from veronica fernmoss on Vimeo.

It’s my mission to support you in your unfolding and evolution so that you may experience what it feels like to be a

Permanent Resident of Heaven on Earth.

You are here to live in wholeness for yourself and for the Earth.

This is the greatest gift you can give to yourself, your children, grandchildren and all future generations.

If you are committed to your own transformation to live this way, I can help you get there.

What are you waiting for?  Reach out — I am here for you!

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