Work with Me

If you’re ready to live a more conscious, healthy, embodied, fulfilling life and want support on your path, 

I’m here to be your guide, coach and strong, compassionate ally.

This one hour phone or Skype session is ideal if you need support around a specific issue


you want to create your custom self-care routine!

We’ll hone in on what’s up for you, help you gain clarity and perspective, then, if you choose, come up with an action plan to support you on getting where you want to go.

Whether your struggling with career choices, relationships (I have a lot of experience navigating alternative relationship structures), spiritual growth or whatever situation is currently alive for you, this is a great way to get laser-focused support.

Our sessions together are customized to meet your specific goals. You will transform where you feel stuck in your life into feeling clear, confident, and connected to your power!

Choose from 6 /60 minute calls to be scheduled within 2 months


9/60 minute calls to be scheduled within 3 months.

Sessions are over phone or Skype and include support via e-mail or text between calls.

Who knew personal growth could be so delicious, relaxing and fun.  Treat yourself to a full (5 hours) or half day (2.5 hours) of one on one, face to face, heart to heart time with me at my private sanctuary, The Temple of Yum, on Vashon Island, Washington/Cascadia.

Before you come, we’ll prepare with a phone/skype conversation where you’ll get clarity on your needs and desires and we’ll co-create your custom fit personal retreat.  Your session may include coaching, rituals, movement, re-wilding and/or whatever practices we decide serve your highest good to support and nourish you and help you release old, out-dated programs and constrictions, reconnect with your authentic self and awaken and activate your juicy, vibrant, clear, confident you.

On the day of your retreat, you’ll feel a shift as soon as you board the ferry to the magical isle.  You’ll return home feeling nourished, rejuvenated and empowered.

I’ve been studying and practicing conscious evolutionary arts for over two decades. I’m passionate about cultivating practices that support a clear, present mind, a strong, healthy, playful body and a loving, connecting, playful and compassionate spirit.

My coaching combines inquiry, transpersonal psychology, Golden Tantra, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, a deep connection with nature, and Lila ~ Divine Play.

This alchemical blend will propel you into higher levels of connection, awareness, clarity, creativity, empowerment and love.

My approach is holistic. Mind, body and Spirit are all connected. True wellness is when we are vibrant and healthy in all aspects of ourselves.

During our phone or Skype coaching sessions you’ll get clear on where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.  We’ll also co-create a custom plan of action to help you get more clarity, spaciousness, fluidity and, yes, yumminess into your body, mind and spirit and in your life.

If you’re feeling excited and/or curious around getting support through coaching, reach out and schedule a complimentary 20 minute call to see if we’re a good fit to work together .

From our first contact, I felt my heart open, my mind clear, and a profound remembering of who I really am.  As I continued to “Wake up”, you were there to see me, love me, and provide the best possible guidance along the way. You provided so much more then I could have asked for.

Thank you, Veronica so, much for reconnecting me to Nature, for reminding me of my deep love for the Universe, and for just being you! I feel inspired to live as integrally as possible, to bring balance to all parts of my life, develop response-abilities, and really, to play and to laugh and to let it all be okay, and through doing so become available to help others do the same

Tanner Walker

Personal Trainer and Movement Coach, The Seattle Bouldering Project

You are capable of being SO present in your heart and with the heart of others! Loving compassion just POURS from you, and the purity of that reminded me of, and unfolded, pieces of me that I had packed away and almost forgotten about.

As our work together progressed, I remembered. My remembering was exponential. I remembered what it was like to be completely accepted and loved for who I am, by my own self. I remembered what it’s like to feel free, to have sovereignty in my own heart and soul, to let my heart fully feel, to allow the ecstasy of the moment and the joy inside of me be expressed through me.

Chenae Stormkiss

Owner, Dreaming Heart Intuitive Arts

So grateful to have had been in your presence and for the work you are doing for our world.

I released so much and was able to really open up my heart again after parts of it have been closed off from fear of not being seen. I truly felt seen again.

You helped bring me home again.

Millie Lopez

Herbalist, Austin, TX