When you connect with your true essence, your Divinity, it naturally brings forth healing, sweetness, joy and fulfillment in your life.

You are innately Divine.  You are an integral part of all that is.  Your relationship to that, however, is like any other, it needs tending.  If you neglect your relationship with your Divinity you can lose touch with it and even forget it exists.  Here are some simple ways to tend that relationship.

Again, like all healthy, thriving relationships, it takes time, energy and devotion.   In my experience, these practices are amongst the best investments of time and energy toward your overall wellbeing.  The rewards are exquisite!

1. Meditate – meditation helps you quiet your mind and tune into that part of you that is greater than your ‘local self’.  If traditional sitting meditation isn’t for you, try listening to guided meditations, practicing tai chi, yoga or whatever quiets your mind and gets you in ‘the zone’.


2. Breathe –simply taking a few deep breaths calms your nervous system and helps you feel more peaceful and present.


3. Move – movement helps get you out of your head and into your body wisdom. Non-linear, authentic movement like ecstatic dance or any form of non-competitive, expressive (think goofy & silly) play, connects with your deep emotions, animal self and child like innocence.  Turn on some music and move!  Find a willing kid or adult and get silly and creative!


4. Nature – You are as much Nature as the sky, birds and trees.

Spending time in Nature, ideally alone and in silence, naturally attunes you to your Divinity.


5. Love – open your heart and let the love flow.  Let yourself love yourself exactly as you are, feel your love for your family, friends, pets, nature.  Bask in the love that the Creator, Source,  God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, has for YOU!  The more you open your heart, the more love flows, the more you connect with your Divinity.  Remember that old saying ‘God is Love’ ? Feel it, it’s true.

The power of these practices come from consistency!

Even if you do each of these a little every day, they will have a tremendous beneficial impact on your life.

 Namaste – the Divine in me honors the Divine in you